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If you enroll in a graphic arts class and you find out that you really don't want to commit to a design career, you can simply change your major. There are so many different college majors and career fields you can end up in, you just have to find the one that works the best for you and your interests. Check out education options in college and trade schools.

If you just aren't passionate about any subject or career, enrolling in a business program wouldn't be a bad idea. Business majors generally have a decent employment outlook upon graduation. This is especially true of finance and accounting majors. You can check into different business majors and see if one is right for you.

And if you end up really enjoying your business classes, you can continue on after graduation with pursuing your graduate degree. A master's degree in business administration (an MBA) is a terrific degree to have. While most students pursue it on a part-time basis, it is almost easier to earn it by going after it as a full-time student. If you already have an undergraduate business degree, attaining an MBA can often be accomplished in 12 months. Consider an MBA.

Two of the upward trending career preparation majors are criminal justice and nursing. Criminal justice majors are being prepped to join any number of possible law enforcement, security or legal office type of position.

And nursing students prepare to join the nursing workforce by earning either their LPN, RN or BSN diploma. Nursing is a profession where experienced nurses are still in demand.

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